A simplified step-by-step roadmap for fast blood sugar balance?


Blood Sugar Bootcamp is the best prediabetes jump-start program for balancing blood sugar naturally and holistically, without medication.

This 4-week online program is designed to help women diagnosed with prediabetes get balanced blood sugar fast with easy lifestyle upgrades, fun weekly food challenges, and stream-at-your own-pace video lessons (from the comfort of your own home.)

All in a week-by-week format that shows you what to eat with zero confusion!



4 Weeks of focused steps to balanced blood sugar, simplified, week by week for just $47!

You can stop prediabetes in its tracks -- and reverse it.

Blood Sugar Bootcamp is for women like you who've been shaken up by a prediabetes diagnosis and are totally confused about how to balance your blood sugar with your food and lifestyle choices.

You realize that taking control of your health needs to be priority one so that you can live a joyful life without missing out on family time, activities, and travel because of the health complications that come with type 2 diabetes.

You're determined to stop prediabetes in its tracks--and reverse it--but you're not sure where to even start.

Whether you're...

👉Newly diagnosed as prediabetic and have no clue where to start... overwhelmed at the diagnosis and frustrated at the lack of information given by your doctor (and possibly the dietician) in what you can and can't eat and what else you should be doing to lower your A1C, or

👉Diagnosed for several months or more and have tried 'losing weight' as your doctor suggested, only to see the same--or worse--A1C levels at each appointment...

You're in the right place!

Blood Sugar Bootcamp will give you the step-by-step roadmap, tools, and support to jumpstart your journey to mastering your blood sugar levels despite the lack of information from your doctor's office, and without the medication you may have been pressured to take.

With this program you will...


Learn how to track + manage your blood sugar

You'll understand the cause of high blood sugar, the methods to check and track it (and when and why you should), plus what foods affect it positively or negatively.


Discover exactly what foods will impact your blood sugar and how

Because carbs are confusing, and 'health' bloggers aren't helping matters...


Turbocharge your blood sugar balance with new easy, fun lifestyle upgrades

These are based on boatloads of research showing the major ways these lifestyle factors affect blood sugar balance.


Gradually transform how you eat (without dieting or feeling like you're depriving yourself)

New habit changes have been shown to truly stick when you make gradual and specific changes that feel good and aren't confusing.


Tap into the power of tracking for better blood sugar and a less stressed lifestyle

You'll know every type of food and activity that have the power to spike or balance your blood sugar.

Balanced blood sugar shouldn't be this complicated.

Let's simplify it, week by week.

Hi-- I'm Laura-- creator of the Blood Sugar Bootcamp!

I got hella serious about balancing my blood sugar a few years ago after being diagnosed as prediabetic--even though I'm a nutritionist-- and quickly realized some of the "healthy foods" I was eating were spiking my blood sugar.

After being a Certified Health Coach for 11 years and getting my Master of Science in Nutrition, I started teaching how to balance blood sugar through an anti-inflammatory diet and key lifestyle changes that can make a significant difference in how fast that balance happens.

I brought my own A1C levels back to normal, and am committed to helping others regain their health and reverse their prediabetes diagnosis!

I created this 4-Week Blood Sugar Bootcamp because I know firsthand the lack of information from the doctor's office and total confusion and frustration of no guidance on balancing blood sugar with diet and lifestyle (without having to rely on medication).

I'm excited to guide you in jumpstarting this journey of blood sugar balance and can't wait to hear when you have normalized A1C levels again!

Client Success Stories...


One of the things I loved most about Blood Sugar Bootcamp is the approach of changing one meal at a time. It's helped me avoid overwhelm and make sustainable changes to my diet. Instead of feeling like I'm on a restrictive diet I feel like I'm making healthy choices that benefit my blood sugar.

Patricia // Retired Teacher


Before the program, I was clueless about which carbs were good or bad for me but also how lifestyle factors affect my blood sugar levels. By changing one meal at a time, and then improving one lifestyle factor at a time, such as sleep or stress management, I've seen a significant improvement in my blood sugar control. It's incredible how much difference this understanding has made in my health and daily life. I feel like I’m actually in control now instead of just handing it over to a doctor that left me completely confused.

Amy // Insurance Adjuster


I never realized how much certain foods affected my blood sugar before. Learning which foods raise my blood sugar and which help keep it balanced has been eye-opening–especially since learning how testing can guide all of that. I feel like now I have the ability to make the choice of healthy food and making changes that help my body overall vs just taking a pill like my doctor tried to tell me.

Sophia // Digital Branding Expert

Here's what you get when you enroll today...

Access to approved recipes perfect for balancing blood sugar

to help you build personalized meal plans with foods you and your family will actually eat and love...

Our signature 4-Week roadmap to easy and sustainable food changes

that gives you a step-by-step path to keep you on track for sustainable changes to lower blood sugar...

The blueprint to lifestyle changes that can turbocharge all your hard work

to build healthy routines that have been scientifically shown to boost results...

Printable worksheets and log sheets

to track your progress, keep you organized, and help you easily document how foods and activities affect your body and blood sugar levels...

Here's what we'll do in Blood Sugar Bootcamp... ↬

WEEK 1: A Crash course in how food affects your blood sugar + Change your Breakfasts

This foundational module gets you started on the right foot by understanding what blood sugar balance means and how foods affect that, plus change your breakfast options. You'll learn how to...

  • Eat clean whole foods

  • Balance blood sugar quickly

  • Determine the perfect tool for measuring your blood sugar levels

  • Get started tracking everything

  • Swap out your breakfast choices for blood sugar friendly delicious choices

WEEK 2: Discover the power of rest and sleep + Change your Dinners

Learn the difference between sleep and non-sleep rest plus change your dinners. You'll learn...

  • What sleep vs. non-sleep rest means

  • How critical rest is to your blood sugar

  • Methods for improving your sleep right now

  • New recipes and sources for dinners your whole family will love (that also balance blood sugar)

WEEK 3: Kickstart your new daily movement plan + Change your snacks

This is where you change the second most challenging lifestyle factor in blood sugar balance-- daily movement. You'll create new daily habits as well as get yummy and filling new options for snacks. You'll learn...

  • The 3 different types of movement that matter the most

  • Exactly why this critical lifestyle change is one of the most important

  • How to create a unique movement plan for your body and lifestyle

  • The best tips and tricks in getting blood sugar friendly snacks available whenever you need them

WEEK 4: Transform your stress management + Upgrade your Lunches and Desserts

Even stress management has an effect on blood sugar balance. This module is all about identifying pockets of stress in your life and creating solutions to pull down stress levels. In this module you'll learn...

  • The connection of stress with your hormones--including insulin

  • How to pinpoint specific stress points

  • What type of stress management is appropriate for different situations

  • Multiple options for the most effective stress relievers (and the cheapest!)

  • How to get blood sugar friendly lunches effortlessly, as well as how to still eat desserts when you're trying to lower your A1C


Q: How and when do I get access?

The bootcamp is available immediately when purchased (you’ll get an email to login and get started.)

Q: Can I use this Boot Camp if I'm vegan/plant-based?

The Blood Sugar Bootcamp is NOT vegan or plant-based.

Q: Do I need to already have a glucometer before starting the Bootcamp?

You don't need a glucometer before starting the Bootcamp. But there is a Pre-Work section before you start Week 1, which will go over how to choose a glucometer and how to check your blood sugar. Monitoring blood sugar is a key part of these 4 weeks, so it is recommended that you complete the Pre-work and can start regularly monitoring blood sugar by the time you are ready to start Week 1.

Q: Are the recipes gluten-free?

One of the basics of an anti-inflammatory diet that we recommend is eliminating gluten, so none of the recipes linked, included, or recommended include gluten. However, we do go show you the process for finding appropriate blood sugar friendly recipes, and if you use this process you could find recipes that do contain gluten if you choose not to eat gluten-free.

Q: Are the recipes dairy-free?

The recipes may contain some dairy, but since dairy is one of the foods that may or may not be inflammatory to you, personally, there is some included in some of the recipes. If you’ve been eating dairy-free for a while, you may already know how to swap out for dairy-free options in recipes. This should be no different. Many recipes nowadays do include notes on how to make the recipe dairy-free if you're new to this. I don't recommend trying to go dairy-free immediately while going through this bootcamp because you'll be learning and implementing so many other more important dietary changes.

Q: Are the recipes sugar free?

Heck yes!! Sugar is one of the most inflammatory foods you can eat, and one of the most critical to blood sugar spikes, so it is not included in any recipes.

Q: Are fruits included in this boot camp?

Yes! Low-glycemic fruits can be a really great food to give you something sweet to eat while getting important nutrients.

Q: Is this refundable if I don’t like it?

If you're not completely satisfied with this product, there is a 24-hour Guaranteed Return Policy. All I ask is that you give feedback as to why you requested the refund to further understand the request and make the Bootcamp as amazing for others as possible.

>>> Get started NOW for Only $47! <<<

The best prediabetes jump-start program for balancing blood sugar naturally and holistically, without medication.

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